D coupon testing IPC 2221B

"IPC 2221B D-Coupon testing is a method built upon reflow testing, documented in IPC TM650 2.6.27. This testing method requires recording changes in resistance during the reflow process to identify instances of copper plating cracking. It can be utilized for both survivability and reliability testing. The test temperatures are consistent with reflow test temperatures, typically with peak temperatures ranging from 245 to 260°C. This method is primarily employed to quickly assess the reliability of Microvias but can also be used for testing other types of holes.

Testing Conditions:
1.Reflow Profile - IPC standard Profile or Customized
2. Supported Sample - IPC 2221B D-Coupon or others
3.Testing Temperature - Up to 280°C
4.Cycle Count - 1~99 cycles
5.Sample Quantity - Up to 48 pieces per batch"

customize Reflow Profile
"D-Coupon testing is conducted to ensure that customer products do not experience failures during the reflow soldering process. If you prefer testing not following the IPC standard profile, we can also perform tests based on your specified testing profile according to your requirements."

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