Material Characteristic test

DK & DF extraction
Dk Df extraction provides customers with the actual values of different materials produced through various heat pressing methods. This enables the establishment of a Research and Development (R&D) material characteristics database, allowing the accumulation of experiential data in a quantifiable manner for use in the assessment and development of other projects.
Dk & Df under different temperature
"Evaluation Testing: Different resonance cavity types are suitable for various DK DF test frequencies, and the measurable conditions vary accordingly. We assist in assessing whether the samples are conducive to testing under specific conditions."
Dk & Df Measurement
Dielectric Constant (Dk), also known as Permittivity, is a fundamental property of a material that represents the ability of the material to conduct electromagnetic waves. It primarily affects aspects such as transmission speed and delay in electronic signal or radio wave transmission. In terms of capacitance, it influences the magnitude of the capacitance value.


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