Reliability Test

PCB coupon measurement
"Delta L is an Insertion Loss testing method developed by Intel specifically for the PCB industry, aiming to significantly reduce the difficulty and cost associated with measuring Differential Insertion Loss. These methods utilize standardized sample designs, making the measurement process more uniform and facilitating rapid measurements with standard test fixtures.
Interconnect Stress Test (IST test) IPC TM650 2.6.26
"Interconnect Stress Test (IST) is a testing method that complies with IPC TM650 2.6.26 standards. It involves heating test samples through current application to achieve thermal cycling, rapidly verifying the reliability of printed circuit boards. Using a 1000-cycle example, this test can be completed in just 5 days. IST testing has become widely accepted and utilized in the printed circuit board industry.
D coupon testing IPC 2221B
電路設計上為基本的電性參數之一,通常以2 Port 或者 4 Port的形式表現,4 Port S參數包含16個項目。S參數為入射能量以及接收能量的比值,通常最常使用的就是插入損失(Insertion Loss)以及回波損失(Return Loss)。量測S參數通常使用網路分析儀(VNA, Vector Network Analyzer)搭配合適的探針, 接頭或者制具進行量測


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