Delta L 3.0/4.0, SET2DIL Measurement

"Delta L and SET2DIL are Insertion Loss testing methods developed by Intel specifically for the PCB industry, aiming to significantly reduce the difficulty and cost associated with measuring Differential Insertion Loss. These methods utilize standardized test sample designs, making the measurement process more uniform and facilitating rapid measurements with standard test fixtures.

  • Arcanum Advanced Inc. offers measurement services for the following testing methods:
  • Delta L - Supports Delta L 3.0 and 4.0 testing methods*
  • SET2DIL - Supports SET2DIL testing method
  • Testing Frequency - Delta L 3.0 supports up to 20 GHz, Delta L 4.0 supports up to 40 GHz, SET2DIL supports up to 10 GHz

Delta L 3.0 and 4.0 test samples have different testing point pitches. For details, please contact us."

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